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Mama Midwife

Meghann came to town for 36 hours to help me celebrate my 50th birthday (eek!) on March 29th. One of the many wonderful gifts I received was getting to listen to my first grandchild who was, on that day, 18 weeks 0 days.

It really was quite extraordinary to be listening to my grandbaby through my UC baby's belly. I've still got chills.

It's quite cool, this mama-as-midwife thing. I am so blessed!


Reader Comments (2)

That must've been amazing...more than amazing...what's better than amazing? Incredible? I'm glad that you are helping your baby with her baby. I love the picture. 3 generations in one... *is emotional*

I'm so happy for you and your family!

April 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKaia Mireles

I love all the vibrant red in that photo - the red pillow under her head, her red top, the red heart on your arm. It's such a warm snapshot of the two (three) of you.

April 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTam

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