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After I wrote “Hiatus,” I really delved into why it’s fairly easy for me to yack and share my thoughts in Facebook, but it had become so hard to do here. What I came up with was interesting. 

In Facebook, I feel like I’m mingling at a party, moving from person to person or even group to group (depending on how many people are participating), talking informally to each one. Not being more important than anyone else, each person’s opinion heard and validated. I can be humorous, snarky, sympathetic and respectful there in a way that mimics me in real life. 

However, here on the blog, I feel like I’m standing behind a podium, speaking to an audience and what I say better be earth-shattering… or at least good. That feeling has gotten uncomfortable and I’ve felt stilted and stifled in sharing who I am, the original purpose of the blog. 

So, I’ve decided to go back to the reason I started writing in the first place… to share ideas, to discuss them and to have a good time with my writing. I’m going to write more like Facebook and hope others will participate like the women do over in that corner of the Net. 

We’ll see if the mental removal of the dais helps the words flow better.

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*hugs* Big love to you, from facebook land or blog land :-D

January 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCarmel

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