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Cesarean Scar: RL

I dont have a photo of my ceasar scar but would love to share my story.

Ceasar scar number one was an unplanned ceasearian. My little baby boy was breech. I was very scared about the whole thing and was dreading through the whole pregnancy not to have to have a ceasarian but these things happen. As long as he was in my arms healthy and safe that's all that mattered to me.

Ceasar scar number two was also not planned but I was told I couldn't have a natural birth after a ceasar, which now I know is not true but like the first birth as long as he was in my arms healthy and safe which he was.

Ceasar scar number three- I went into natural labour and was all ready for a natural birth but the doctors advised against it as things were moving too fast and could rupture the previous scars. So again I went along with the ceasar and had a beautiful little girl.

Although I never wanted a ceasarian with any of my children, I love my scar. My babies were born out of that scar. It reminds my everyday of my beautiful children and I wouldn't change a thing. My scar isn't ugly to me. Yes there is that flap of skin that no matter what amount of exercise you do you can not get rid of it. But if that's all I have to live with then that suits me just fine.

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