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OT: How E2L is Going

My, my, food is such a difficult thing for me. You would think I’d be able to stick to something as healthy and fulfilling as E2L, but I have been struggling in ways it’s embarrassing to admit. I’ve lost a few more pounds (down 25 now), but nothing like the 10 pounds a month I should be losing. I’ve been on the diet now three months today. I guess 25 pounds isn’t anything to sneeze at, I just wish it was more. If I didn’t eat SAD food, I would definitely be losing more, but I am totally addicted to it. sigh

I only eat SAD foods once every other day or so, but that’s enough to keep me fat. You would think with how much I have cut out of my diet I would lose like crazy, but I must have the metabolism of a sloth in order to still stay this size on the diet I’m on.

So, let’s not whine, okay? I am doing well enough in other ways. I was feeling really weird for a few days, missed a birth for it and everything (writing about that, too), but figured out it was my thyroid medication and I’ve since fixed it. Dang, that thyroid does some crazy things to a person.

I’ll try and do better. It helps when I write here even though it is boring as crap to read about someone’s diet woes. I laugh when I see people writing out their exact menu because the only one really interested in what you’re eating is yourself. I’ll try to save you all from that yawn of blogging about my food choices.

Speaking of, though, I’ve been trying several recipes and have found a couple that are really good… one I just made today that is awesome. Susan Voisin has a great website called the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen and on there she has some really great recipes. Today’s came from there and I wanted to share it. It was the Smoky Refried Bean Soup; yummy! I also tried her Macaroni & Cheese and it was awful. I mean, inedible. Won’t be trying that one again. I’ve made these Sunny Bean Burgers and like them lots. I was eating them plain, but decided I wanted some bread (why I’m not losing so fast? Haha!) and got those thin bun thingies and use one with the bean burger. Yum! I definitely like having substance with my meal as opposed to just salad and veggies. They seem so insignificant. Yet are supposed to be the mainstay of the E2L Plan! Where’s my mind-shift? Can I buy one?

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