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FB Inquiry: What was the BEST decision you made as a parent in 2010?

Recently, I posed this question to my Navelgazing Midwife Facebook fans. These were the answers: 

RNK: To have a home birth! 

NF: Enrolling my kids in The Madison Waldorf School. 

LMS: Heading to the hospital when we did during Zoey's labor… oh and being emotionally ok with not having my planned homebirth. 

CM: To trust in my baby and my body to have a beautifully unplanned homebirth. 

JA: Asking friends and family for help... needed a lot of it with babies 16 months apart and a husband who has to travel for work. 

MBM: Deciding to put my 10-year old back in public school, because home schooling really wasn't a good fit for him. 

NWB: Deciding to finally start taking better care of their mother! 

GP: Refusing the elective c-section for suspected macrosomia and going on to have the unmedicated birth with my doula that we had planned for months (and my baby was only 8 lbs 1 oz!). 

MAH: To start keeping my mouth shut. 

KP: Not returning to a destructive relationship. Continuing to choose self-love over pressure to please others. 

SHB: To pursue getting my son evaluated for autism spectrum disorders... and then working hard to get him evaluated through our school district so that we could get him the therapies he desperately needed! It's been one of the hardest years of my life, but also good in many ways, too. And now as the year is drawing to a close, things our stablizing and we are starting to have peace in many formerly-chaotic areas of our life and marriage. 

AF: To take my kids out of a school that was terrible for them. 

HT: Letting my 3.5 year-old start co-sleeping with me when he went back to preschool. Prior to that, he always started the night in his own bed (with no resistance), and then sometimes climbed into ours early in the morning. When he went back to preschool after being home with me for 6 weeks (I work on an academic clock, too), he really needed that extra contact and wanted to go to sleep in the big bed. And it’s been one of THE best decisions I’ve made so far—to just accept it and embrace the fact that co-sleeping is EASIER and the better choice for us right now.

CB: To cut back on the number of births I was attending so that my family would feel like they were the priority in my life.

This is a great start. What about you? What decision have you been proud of this year?