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Jason Collins Comes Out


I never write about sports, but this piece of information bears a short post.

Jason has become the first American to come out who plays a major team sport: NBA basketball. H’s a free agent at the moment, but has played for several NBA teams, including the Celtics. He’s gone to and won many competitions and has his share of awards.

Before Collins came out, before his trade to the Celtics and Wizards, he asked for the number 98 to honor Matthew Shepard who did a horrific death for being gay in 1998. Quite an honor and loud-spoken commentary.

Collins just came out on Monday… I just laid my hands on the Sports Illustrated story today… so it’s still early to see what lashing out there will be, if any at all. So far, things look good. Big names in all sports venues are rallying to his side, supporting his choice to come out now instead of later.

I just wanted to offer my support to Jason Collins for being himself… not necessarily brave or wondrous, but just for being himself. Thanks for coming out.