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Meghann's Virtual Blessingway

(Erg! MotherBlessing.

Please forgive the excited faux pas; I did not mean to offend the very real and special Blessingway in the Native American tradition.)

Most of you know already, but my baby girl Meghann is due to have her first baby, my first grandbaby, at the end of August.

I leave on August 23rd to be with her as her mom, monitrice, doula and postpartum doula... coming home around October 1. Meggie, who was my UC baby, and her wonderful husband Brian, are having a daughter, Gabriella Grace. They've chosen to have their baby in the hospital with a great group of CNMs. I can't wait to meet them!

When Meg had her Baby Shower, I "participated" via Skype, leading the red yarn ceremony... each woman wrapping red yarn around her wrist while speaking of her maternal lineage, leaving the yarn in place until labor begins, then everyone removes it and lights a candle, sending her good wishes until the baby's born.

But, as beautiful as her shower was...

... (and it was!), I really, really want my daughter to have a MotherBlessing necklace.

MotherBlessing necklaces are made from beads that (usually) women offer as a gift to the pregnant mom that are all joined together into a necklace that she wears during labor... or uses it as a focal point if she doesn't want to wear it.

So, I'm holding a Virtual MotherBlessing for my daughter, asking you, if you feel led to, to send her a bead that I will make into a necklace for her. With the bead, please write the wish or prayer you're imparting onto the bead onto a piece of paper so she knows your thoughts, the wish she will carry with her during her labor and birth... and use as a reminder of her strength and power all her days as a mom.

If you're unable to send a bead, perhaps writing an Affirmation or prayer and sending that to her is something that would work. I've seen Affirmations drawn, painted, cross-stitched, scribbled, pieces of nature... whatever you feel Meghann could use as strength in labor.

And for those that cannot mail anything, if you would consider leaving her a blessing, affirmation or prayer, here on this blog post; I know she will gather great strength from what everyone has to share with her.

I will be documenting the entire experience and the necklace will have a prominent place in the story. I would love to include your gift.

Send beads and Affirmations to:

Barb Herrera
c/o Meghann Dibrell
26358 Hackney Lane
San Antonio, TX 78260

Brian & Meghann... Gabriella still to be seen.