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Laila Ali: Having a Homebirth!

Laila Ali, Muhammed Ali's (the great boxer) daughter, says she is going to have a homebirth with a midwife when she delivers in about 3 months.

In the "It's a Small World" category...

My mom used to babysit for Angelo Dundee, Muhammed Ali's trainer for the entirety of Ali's career.

When Ali was still Cassius Clay, Dundee brought him to Orlando for a fight and they came to our house before mom and dad went out to dinner with them.

Helen Dundee, Angelo's wife of more than 50 years, took my mom for her only tattoo... the symbol of Walt Disney World (no longer used) - mouse ears on the world with longitude and latitude lines - on her shoulder.

How cool is that that Laila (to whom I spoke once when I worked at Disney World) is having a homebirth?!


"Scrubs" Star Births at Home!

I don't watch "Scrubs," but recognized the actor when I saw his picture.

John C McGinley's wife, Nichole Kessler, had their baby in a home waterbirth on Saturday, Feb. 2 in Los Angeles. Yay!! Nichole is a doula (yay again!) and a yoga instructor.

Read the story here!