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Christina's Soreness

I meant to share this article about how sore Christina Aguilera was after her cesarean... surprisingly so.

"After six days of recovery, Aguilera is reportedly still ‘really sore’. A source revealed, 'It (childbirth) was more painful than she thought.'"

No kidding.

Tell all your other star friends that scheduling a cesarean doesn't relieve one from birthing pain, Christina! In fact, there aren't many women who had a vaginal birth that are still in that sort of pain 6 days postpartum. (A rare few, I know, are.)

Nice someone said something about post-op pain, eh?


Another Feeling Surgery Post

From Counting Sheep, a Nurse Anesthetist's Blog, comes her disclosure that she awoke for part of her general anesthesia cesarean section.

She writes Awareness Under Anesthesia... and an anonymous commenter says:

"For the thousands of women who have had c/s’s and were told… you didn’t really feel that… it couldn’t have been that bad… I never had anyone wake up…. you are over reacting.
Thank you. So many thank you’s!"

I can feel post-cesarean women sobbing with relief as I write this.