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OT: What's Hard About E2L

While I am glad I am doing Eat to Live and it is the easiest plan I’ve ever done, there are definitely hard parts.

The first two days, I cried almost inconsolably. I really wanted to eat my old food choices. I couldn’t attribute it to anything but detoxing, if there is such a thing. It was more likely mourning. Who knew how addicted to the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet one could be?

Is there an addiction to food? We have to eat to live, so how could someone have an addiction to something we are required to do at least three times a day? I’m learning that I have serious feelings about food. Well (laughing), it isn’t like this is new information. I have been in therapy much of the last 30 years and food has always been a popular topic of discussion.

I don’t know what other word to use with regards to my compulsions to eat and my mourning about not eating the SAD diet except addicted. And in dieting circles, it’s a common word used. Even the term abstinence is used, as if one can abstain from eating? No, it’s abstaining from the foods that cause the distress… distress with Morning Glory muffins, peanut butter toast and luscious casseroles dripping with cheese. It almost makes me cry just seeing the foods on paper! Is that addiction? I think so.

In the book Eat to Live, it tells about the 6-Week Plan. I am almost to Week 5 (on Thursday). The 6-Week Plan is the most restrictive, limiting lots of yummy natural foods like potatoes, cooked carrots and eggs. The whole program gets looser with time, but always limits SAD foods, fats and animal products. I’ll be doing the 6-Week Plan for a lot longer than six weeks because I have so much weight to lose.

Supposedly, one eventually gets to a place where SAD foods become repulsive and the cravings are for lettuce and green beans. I can’t imagine, in my wildest imagination, getting to that place. If I was 20, maybe, but after 50 years of eating out and having regular food, it just seems far-fetched. I’ll be sure to let you know if I start craving lettuce, though.

I used to be a food writer. I participated in the writing of Vegetarian Walt Disney World and Greater Orlando in 1998 (nom de plume, gardenia) and I love fine dining. It’s going to be interesting seeing what chefs can come up with without oils. Not that I’m eating fine dining right now. In fact, eating out would be a dangerous proposition. I ate breakfast with a friend and didn’t make a wise choice, eating a wonderful quesadilla with pesto and artichoke hearts. I felt sick the rest of the day, but much of that was regret at my choice. I am trying not to beat myself up when I go off program, but it’s hard. 

So these are some of the difficulties I’m experiencing as I eat differently. I know that while some challenges resolve themselves, there will probably be new ones on the horizon. I’m glad I’m writing so I can talk about them. Thanks for listening!