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We Are So Lucky: Ghosts

Uganda: The Ghosts That Hover Over Pregnant Mothers is an article I stumbled across that bespeaks of birth in Africa.

We really are so blessed, any of us reading right now.


"'I had heard of women giving birth to snakes, lizards, leopards... These stories haunted me and I often wondered: 'I am I really carrying a baby?'" says Annette Muto, who is now expecting her second child. It is not until I had an ultrasound scan that I relaxed. Even then, other fears set in as the pregnancy advanced, especially when women narrated their heart-rending labour experiences,' Muto adds."

"She says she has never gotten used to the birthing process: 'Will it be a C-section? Will I get a tear, stitches, intense pain? Will I die in labour? All these worries keep haunting me.'"

"In a country like Uganda, where 6,000 women die every year and many others suffer ill-health because of pregnancy and childbirth-related complications, these fears are not unfounded."

"Sometimes, she says, women who have made grave mistakes like carrying out an abortion may worry they will have serious problems as a punishment."

"The fears are also reportedly intense in women with health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, weak cervix, asthma, sickle cell, and HIV/AIDS."

"'Mothers always fear their babies may die or they may infect them,' Nanono says."

Powerful article that also articulates universal fears. We are so different, yet are all so the same.