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Biter Baby Death on the News

The family that lost the baby with Dr. Biter was on the news last night discussing their being upset about Biter signing the judgement with the Medical Board on May 15, 2012 and it not going into effect until Sept 7, 2012... and their baby died July 1... that something is wrong with that time frame.

You can see the NBC News Report here.


Dr. Biter Judgement Posted

Public Record Action(s): Limits on Practice

                                           Probation with Suspension

The Limitations Include:

- Suspended from practice for 60 days

- Has to take a Prescribing Course and has to pay for it and it doesn't go towards his CEUs.

- Has to take a Wrong-Site Surgery Course, has to pay for it and it doesn't go towards his CEUs.

- Has to take a Medical Record Keeping Course, has to pay for it and it doesn't go towards his CEUs.

- Has to take an Ethics Course, has to pay for it.

- Has to take a Clinical Training Program, has to pay for it and it doesn't go towards his CEUs.

- Has to be Monitored by an OB who he's not ever worked with and he has to pay all costs for the monitoring for the entire 7 years of his probation. The monitor is to be with him at all times he is practicing and to submit quarterly reports for the duration of the probation.

- He is not allowed to practice in a solo practice even if that is in a practice with others in the same office. He is required to always be in a multi-practice.

- He is not allowed to be overseen by Physician Assistants.

- He is not allowed to operate in any home unless there is another legal OB/GYN there with him.

- He is not allowed to leave CA for more than 30 days without letting the Medical Board know about it.

- There are several different pieces about non-practice... periods of time of if he's not practicing he has to announce it to the Medical Board and forfeit his license.

- He has to pay for all costs of probation monitoring.

- He signed this on May 15, 2012. The fetal death was July 1, 2012, but this probation doesn't go into affect until Sept 7, 2012.

So, there we have it.


Dr. Biter as Licensed Midwife?

On a Facebook page, Dr. Robert Biter says:

"'Yes I am proud to offer home birth services and am actually getting additional training to become a licensed midwife as well as a board certified Ob Gyn. Women and their families deserve better...'
October 13 at 11:31am"

I wonder if the Medical Board of California (who licenses midwives as well as doctors) will reward him with a license?

Nice he's finally admitting he's attending homebirths, something he's done for over a year now.


Amendment to Not-So-"Wonderful" Investigation

There are added accusations to the Medical Board of California's investigation of Dr. Robert Biter.

This Amended Accusation also adds an obstetric case.