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Don't Ask, Don't Tell REPEALED!

It's such a momentous day... our family is celebrating as if it were New Year's Eve!

Remember that my spouse Sarah was in the US Army from 1983-1990 and was kicked out for being Lesbian despite garnering many awards and accolades for her superior work and work ethic. Sarah would have been an amazing career Army soldier; our country lost out immensely by the stupid rule... which, at that time was "Gay? Out you go. And take this Dishonorable Discharge with you." She negotiated an Honorable Discharge with a bar to re-enlistment.

The Army called Sarah when the first Gulf War broke out, telling her they needed her MOS (her specialty... a mechanic for diesel trucks 22.5 tons and bigger) critically for the war. She told them "If this dyke isn't good enough for you in peace time, she sure isn't good enough for you in war time. Go find some straight chick to carry those 50-pound tool boxes."

We are ecstatic. Absolutely giddy with joy!