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NaBloPoMo (one day late already!)

I just learned it is National Blog Posting Month; a challenge for bloggers to write a post a day for a month in the hopes of it becoming a habit and to start posting more.

Ohhhh, yeah. I could certainly use some incentive!

My poor readers. You've been so patient with my sporatic writing. Please know there are usually several pieces in the works, but due to various constraints, they don't get finished as quickly as I want them to.

 I have three going right now: one about UCs (big surprise!), one about the movie "Away We Go" and another about "Babies." And each day I ask a question on my Facebook Navelgazing Midwife page and think those discussions would fit in nicely here.

Seriously, if I spent less time in Facebook, I'd be posting a whole lot more. But, it isn't like I just wander around and play games... I do not play games... but I answer questions, participate in discussions and the like. Still, it would be good to hang out here in BlogLand instead of Facebook.

So, at least for this month, I'll write something each day. You have my word.