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FB Inquiry: Does your family drive everywhere?

... Or do you walk places, too?


SH: I bike most everywhere, on my own or with the kidlets in the buggy behind me. Car is for long distances. 

SS: Under 5 miles round trip, I walk. Unless older son is with me, then under 2 miles round trip we walk (if no deadline to arrive). I don't drive, so it's walk, public transport, or cab. My fiance is learning to walk more. ‎(Three days before my younger son was born, and the day before my due date, I walked 11 miles. The day before my due date/day before my older son was born I walked 8.5 miles.) 

LMS: This is one of the primary reasons we bought the house we did. We walk to the park, hiking trails, grocery store and cafe. 

KM: We have to drive. Our city is not pedestrian friendly. Over the past year, death tolls have doubled from car accidents and people getting ran over. 

BA: In town we walk everywhere. But drive everywhere else since the next town in 10 miles away. 

CB: We walk as much as we can but living in the suburbs with poor transportation options means driving to the store and church. Makes me crazy how many folks drive their kids to school when 90% live within less then a 1/2 a mile, there are sidewalks at least. If I were really cool I'd bike, but being fat makes biking painful (that is my excuse and I am sticking too it). 

KP: Pretty much, we drive 30 mins. into town from the mountain. I do like to park in town and then walk our tiny town to do all the errands. 

JM: We try to walk to the grocery store about 10%of the time for odds and ends and we walk to the mall and post office but we could stand to do it more! 

JMZ: We walk or bike to the park (2 different playgrounds and 2 different city parks), the co-op, the post office, a nursery, a diner, and more - but only during nice weather. It's 10 below right now with almost two feet of snow on the ground so we are driving. 

RH: Drive... we don't have time for the commute if we walk. 

SJ: We are kind of stuck driving - it's an hour walk into town. One of the few drawbacks to living out in farm country!

KP: We're at least six miles out of town, with lots of hills, ditches, etc. on the sides of the road in between. We drive! But when we lived in the 'burbs of Chicago, I walked a lot of places (the library was 1 mile away, for example, and I always walked there), and we also biked since they had good sidewalks and it was safe. ys walked there), and we also biked since they had good sidewalks and it was safe.

Baby Barbie, cruisin' with her purse in 1962.