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My Daddy...

... has been diagnosed with invasive gastric cancer. I am in Orlando with my family as dad goes through testing and, eventually, treatment. He spent last week in the hospital, but had to be discharged in order to continue testing... a stupid and cruel requirement of his insurance and the hospital's policy.

The tumor fills his stomach, has spread to his esophagus and he has three spots on his liver. He's going to have a PET scan in the next day or two and depending on that result, he will either have surgery to remove the (more) localized cancer before starting chemotherapy or if the cancer is very invasive, he will jump right to chemo. If he has surgery, his entire stomach will be removed (a gastrectomy) or, if needed, part of his esophagus will also be taken with his stomach (esophagogastrectomy). Not to be morbid, the prognosis isn't good.

My family is bizarre in their grief. Some are coping with the loss of control by gripping control of others with an iron fist. I've been yelled at for not unloading the dishwasher in the right order and not hanging the bathroom hand towel properly. sigh It's been a challenge hanging out with people saying things like, "I want the tv when you die."

This past weekend, we had a giant family reunion and it was wonderful! The picture above is my daddy with his G-Tube and his PICC line, laughing his head off. We all laughed until our sides hurt and we had tears streaming down our cheeks. It was the best medicine for everyone.

I tell you all this because this is very sudden and my dad will be incapacitated by the end of the week. We all could use your prayers, good thoughts, light and love.

Even me - "the strong one."