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Ricki Lake!!

Oh my god!! Did you all know about this? Ricki Lake made a documentary about birth in America today - called The Business of Being Born. It seems to be being premiered this coming week in the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Ricki did it! She did what so many of us have wanted done for so long! NEEDED for so long!

AND she shares her own second birth video on the film to demonstrate the empowerment factor. Of course, it is being critiqued as being a publicity stunt for Ms. Lake - but to be honest, if it drives viewers to see the film, then exploitation is the way to go!!! Calculated, I am sure. THRILLED beyond belief!

I am so, so excited. Is this new to others, too? Or am I just the last to know about this?

Whatever. I know about it now!

Let's ALL spread the word!