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Hormonal Menopause

I know this isn’t birthy information, but is women’s health and is me, so thought I’d share anyway.

I don’t know lots about menopause, just that I’m there not having had a period for over two years. I just had a vaginal ultrasound (consensual) and the lining of my uterus is thin, as thin as a woman in menopause, so I’m officially there. Well, have officially been there for awhile, but reaffirmed now. I mention about not knowing a lot because it wasn’t until recently that I learned of the intense hormonal depression many women entering menopause experience, my own depression perhaps having another explanation besides (or in addition to) the life changes I’ve been experiencing.

I was on progesterone for awhile, helping to take care of hot flashes and night sweats, but my newest care provider was concerned about the progesterone and felt I should be on estrogen instead, or at least with the progesterone. But in 2007, I had a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and blood clot from ankle to groin and estrogen is contraindicated in women who’ve had a DVT. I was almost completely bedridden when I had the DVT, so the provider (a Nurse Practitioner) sent me to a GYN for a second opinion. The GYN said no way on the estrogen and put me back on progesterone, again for the hot flashes and night sweats. They suck, by the way. Nothing like having to lay down towels on the wet bed just to finish sleeping.

I off-handedly mentioned my lowered sex drive and that I’d love to have some help with it and she easily prescribed testosterone cream. Wow! It had to be compounded and my insurance didn’t pay for it, but the container is enough for 4 months and cost a mere $28 ($7 a month!). It’s in a little deodorant looking vial and I make one rotation of the bottom and a little squirt of cream oozes out the top. I then rub it in a hairless part of my body. At first, I tried under the top part of my flappy underarms (not where deodorant goes), but have since changed to the inside of my right elbow. I have to be very careful with babies and moms and only hold babies on my left side, hence putting it on my right side. I’ve only used it for a few days and nothing so far, but I’ll report back if my sex drive, fantasies and orgasms increase. laughing I know you can hardly wait to hear.

It’s kind of weird, taking hormones. The hot flashes and night sweats have lessened, so that’s good, but I can’t help but wonder what all these hormones are doing to the rest of my body. Interestingly, the results are more important than long-term considerations. Clearly, I’m a want-it-done-NOW kind of person.

Okay, time to put my cream on. Later!