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Abuela Passed This Morning

Her only child was at her side, reading her loving letters written to her from around the world, translated into her native Spanish. With each letter, her breathing slowed and became more labored; she was not in pain.

After her son, my former husband, read the letters, he put the Classical Channel on Pandora and put headphones on her. As soon as the music was to her ears, her breathing eased, but continued to slow. I like to imagine she melted into the notes and melodies she loved so much, her breath becoming lighter and softer, eventually ceasing.

Her beautiful, wonderful, full heart continued beating, slower and slower, for another five minutes. Her son held her hand and talked her through the end of of her journey.

There is a saying: Be kind to the children for they are close to the other side. Today, it is a joyous day for those children on the other side, to have Abuela to sing them, play with them and to cook them their favorite dishes.

While the tears flow in our family, we are thanking the powers that be... God, the Universe, fate... that we had so much time with such an amazingly strong woman. She will always be an inspiration of strength and power in my mind and heart.

As I wept this morning, I did take a moment to think about what a broad range of experiences she had in her lifetime. Being born into a family with 16 children, living in a house without indoor plumbing for many years and then, as she died, listening to Pandora on the Internet on her son's Smart Phone. I just sat for a few minutes and marveled at it all.

Thank you to everyone who has cyberly kept vigil with us. Your thoughts and prayers were/are most welcome.

Her dear son Bolivar (Bo) created a memory page for his mama, Jacoba Lora , and we will fill the site with love and memories for all that knew her. Selfishly, I want the site to be a place where our kids can go to remember and continue loving the woman we all admired and loved... their Abuela.

Aimee holding Abuela's hands a couple of weeks ago.