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My New Hair

Isn't it great not being chronically ill?
Isn't it fantastic not being on 800 mg. Diflucan every day for 3 years?
Isn't it wonderful knowing I have the right thyroid diagnosis and the right amount of thyroid meds?
Isn't it cool as crap that my hair grew in WAVY?!?!

That hair there, in those pictures... NO perm, NO curling iron... just my flipping my head over and waving a low blow dryer to dry the curly waves in my hair... that's it!
After a lifetime of the straightest hair in the world that barely held the kinkiest perms for 6 weeks, this "curly" hair is the best! I love it!
Smile with me - as, every day, I pull my fingers through my hair and laugh as no globs of hair fall out, I don't see wads of hair in the drain, I am not wiping tears from being bald yet another day... I HAVE HAIR!!!!
I have hair!
And it is a BLAST!
The movie Hairspray?

That movie was named for my newest beauty accessory!


Me & the Horse

Look at all that hair!