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What Should a 4-6-Week Miscarriage Be Like?

This was a Facebook question I thought would translate well here. Here’s how the thread unfolded. 

A mama asks: What should a 4-6 week miscarriage be like? (bleeding, cramping, clots, etc.) 

CDM: Mine was like a normal period, but I'm not sure if that is the norm or not. Had I not taken a test on a hunch I would just assumed it was my period starting a little late. Sorry for your loss, mama. 

HH: I just miscarried at 4w5d. It was heavier than normal, lots of larger clots (dime to nickel size), and painful cramps. I never have clots or more than light cramps. I also had a migraine that lasted 3 days. 

SMP: Please visit http://stillbirthday.com/. There's a lot of info there about what mother's go through, symptoms, and support for when this happens as well as thousands of mother told stories. Stillbirthday also lists doulas for moms in this situation and we are all very nurturing and caring. Sending good thoughts for this poster. 

MA: Sorry to piggyback on this question, but could answers please also include a 7-8 week miscarriage? Thank you. 

BO’B: All of the above.. but they can be so different for everyone.. I think even the two-week difference of 4 weeks to 6 weeks changes things. My 6.5 week miscarriage was like a very heavy and very crampy (VERY emotional) period, with a definite day of passing larger clots and greyish matter. Probably two weeks total. 

KL-D: Mine at 5w1d was much heavier than a period and longer. I bled for at least 10 days on and off. I also passed some obvious tissue with the clots. It will depend on the reason probably (blighted ovum/empty sac/chemical pregnancy will probably be less bleeding and clots than a clinical pregnancy with a fetal pole observed, but I'm just guessing there, mine have all been clinical.) 

Also sorry for your loss. It sucks. 

SCM: It'll be an extra crampy period, will probably last a few days longer than normal. I've got six of those under my belt. ((hug)) 

MW: Just had mine in July....nobody told me what it would be like and I thought the unstoppable bleeding for days and days enough to back up all the plumbing in my house (it was a mess) must have been normal since nobody would tell me ANYTHING. It wasn't. If anything seems wrong it probably is.... go to the ER and MAKE them bring in the on call OB. It took 3 visits before I finally forced them to do something and the OB is the only one who could finally tell me I had miscarried 4 weeks earlier and had to go in for an emergency D & C. The regular ER docs didn't care enough to look even when I asked and it could have been MUCH worse. PLEASE be seen if it seems excessive. 

KT: Like the worst period of my life, for so many reasons. 

NS: mine at 6w was like this. cramps worse than usual, bleeding heavy, a day longer. feeling down emotionally. 

KLD: My 8.5 week one was worse, I lost a lot of tissue and a week after the initial loss, when I'd almost stopped bleeding, I had another big bleed and lost the tiniest, saddest placenta ever. (I also laid in a supply of zofran and oxy when we saw the ultrasound where the baby was gone, and spent the worst of it in a haze. I recommend that strategy if at all possible.) 

ALB: I miscarried at 6 weeks with no symptoms at all. A check up at 10 weeks showed no heartbeat, growth only to 6 weeks. I had a scheduled D&C, but began to spontaneously bleed that day. They still performed the D&C, which I agreed to, thinking it would shorten my bleeding and let me begin to heal. I didn't realize I would bleed even longer. So sorry for all your losses, reading brings it back, even after 12 years ♥ 

SC: My 6 week mc was crampy, clotty, and long-lasting. I bled (moderately like a period) for about 3 weeks and I tested positive for hcg and felt pregnant for a month after the bleeding started. My 12 week miscarriage (baby measured 9 weeks) was full on labor with short but intense contractions every 15 seconds until my water broke and the baby was born (then I hemorrhaged and things got SERIOUS really quickly. Please do not hesitate to get medical help of the bleeding is really heavy or you get a temperature (I bled through a super maxi pad in less than 5 minutes... If you go through more than one an hour- get help!). Sorry for your losses, everyone! Pregnancyloss.info and misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com are also helpful. 

CS: Mama- whoever you are, I went through one in February. You may email me at acaringpresence at gmail dot com. I was just a day short of 6w. 

MA: Thank you and I'm sorry, K. I have 2 embryos that are implanted but not viable, I'm trying to decide whether to wait for things to end naturally or book a D&C. 

KS: I bled for 3 weeks with my first miscarriage, horrible cramps and heavy period flow bleeding for the first week, medium flow for the 2nd and light during the 3rd. I passed at least 3 clots bigger than a quarter. I also felt very tired and weak. (Not positive of how many weeks). With my 2nd MC at 5 weeks it only lasted a week and there wasn't many sizable clots but fairly heavy bleeding for a few days, turns out I lost a twin, the other survived. 

SM: Ladies, thanks for answering a very sensitive question. This has been very helpful. There has been no information where I've looked. I am nursing my 8 month old son so I also ask if anyone has had an early miscarriage while nursing? Did it affect your milk supply at all? I estimate that I was around 5 weeks with an unplanned pregnancy and I have lost it. As for my milk supply it has dipped some but not enough to upset my baby. 

KL-D: So sorry, M. It's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Mine were IVF pregnancies, too (sounds like yours are.) ::hugs:: 

MA: Yes they are K, thanks for your info (and hugs). 

HH: I am still nursing my daughter. She will be 2 on the 26th. She nurses 8 times a day still. I did notice a dip, but I normally do before my period begins anyway. It's enough where she notices (wants to nurse longer and more frequent), but it picked right back up. 

I miscarried 8 days ago. My supply was low for about 3 days, like normal. 

SC: Both my miscarriages were while nursing my 1 year old and I didn't notice a significant difference in supply. I was very glad I was still nursing so that I didn't have empty arms after the losses! 

HW: I miscarried at 6-7 weeks. It felt like labor from Friday to Sunday. Normal period amount with some large clots including what looked like a sac (I scooped it out of the toilet). BIG HUGS! There is no right or wrong. Just be gentle with yourself. So sorry. 

ES: I have some thoughts I will be back to share. Barb actually saved my life when I had a cytotec induced, missed miscarriage, at 16 weeks 3 days( baby measured 8wks 3 days upon ultrasound confirmation) more of my thoughts to follow shortly. 

NgM: That was flippin' terrifying, Beth. Oh, I remember it like it was yesterday, too. 

JM: I was nursing 21-month old twins when I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks. I went with a d/c option and it didn't really affect my milk supply. The anesthesiologist suggested I wait 24 hours to nurse my girls. My nurslings were older though and it wasn't an issue to hold them off. When I had a miscarriage at about 5 weeks, it was like a very bad, very long period and I nursed my 1-year old through it with no issues. Many hugs your way ! 

JU-M: I had a D and C several years ago. I was just over 10w, but embryo only measured 6w. I opted for a D and C for several reasons. I had light bleedings/spotting for several days with some minor cramping, but that's all. 

SDC: My 6wk m/c started like a light period, then I passed one large clot (the size of a prune) & I knew I'd miscarried ‘cause I felt my uterus sag like after a birth. I bled for a few more days but it was never as heavy as a period. 

NgM: I can't thank you all enough for y'all's kind sharing. You're so loving and gentle with each other sometimes... my heart just melts at your tenderness. 

SM: I found out at 10 weeks that baby no longer had a heartbeat, and was measuring 8ish weeks. Declined a D&C. Didn't miscarry for another week, with spotting off and on. Once miscarriage started, it was a gush of blood followed by an egg-sized clot and another gush of blood, every 5 minutes or so, for over 7 hours. I was feeling really badly... on the verge of passing out, high heart rate, etc. I ended up in ER, pumped full of fluids, with low blood pressure/high heart rate. Then I ended up needing a D&C anyway, because there was still retained tissue with blood flow. After surgery, I had light bleeding for a few days. 

NgM: I just re-posted Beth’s story

AW: Hugs to the mamas who asked for this info. 

My three were all between 4 and 6 weeks and every one was different. The first was a surprise; I just had a bad backache and when I went to the bathroom I noticed a bit of blood and then a small sac slid out. The second was long and drawn out; I bled and cramped heavily for almost a month before it passed. The third was just like a heavy period that was a little extra long. 

KC: You've gotten plenty of responses, and both of mine were D&C's, so I don't have any info to add, but I wanted to send (((hugs))) to all the mamas who posted on here. It's an awful, sad experience, and I'm so sorry any of you had to go through it, too. 

Thanks to everyone who responded. This is a topic not often spoken of, so I really appreciate you women allowing us to witness your pain for a few moments. Love to everyone.