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Vaginal Twins in the Hospital! (A "Celebrity!")

From the Baltimore Sun:

UM basketball coach Frese gives birth to twin boys !!!

This is the head coach of the women's team for University of Maryland... Brenda Frese.


"Frese, in her sixth year as Maryland coach, delivered Markus William Thomas, who was born at 10:21 a.m., then gave birth to Tyler Joseph Thomas 30 minutes later. Markus weighed five pounds, five ounces at birth and measured 18.5 inches long, while Tyler weighed six pounds, 12 ounces and measured 19.25 inches."


"Frese, both babies and Mark Thomas, Frese's husband of nearly three years, were all reported to be in good health. Frese had said recently she did not know the sex of the babies and didn't want to know."


"Frese, 37, who delivered the babies via natural childbirth, was due to give birth March 11, but she and Thomas had said they expected the birth to take place before then, as twins are more likely to be delivered before their due date. Frese had said recently that if her pregnancy had continued past next Sunday, her doctors would likely induce childbirth."

(end quotes)

There's also a great picture of her sitting in a big office chair with pillows under her butt and lower back. She is majorly in an Optimal Fetal Position stance! Take a look!

FANTASTIC!! You can tell what kind of woman she is (natural-oriented) if she didn't want to know the gender of the babies!

AND SHE WAS A PRIMIP!!! I don't know any docs (or midwives) that will deliver a primip mom!