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How pregnant were you when you found out you were pregnant?

From my Navelgazing Midwife Facebook page, I asked this question and received the answers below. I felt the question could be helpful to other moms curious about what a typical (note I didn't say normal) timeline might be when looking at pregnancy test results. As you can see, there are wide ranges and ways that women discover their pregnancies.

What about you? What are your stories?


LMP = last menstrual period

DPO = days post ovulation

US = ultrasound

M/C = miscarriage

DH = Dear Husband 

SLB: 10 days 

KP: ‎2 weeks (4 weeks from LMP)... at the most, with my first 4 babies. Last one totally caught me by surprise, and I was in denial until it finally dawned on me that it could be a possibility. It was about 4 weeks post-conception (6 weeks from LMP). 

CG: 6 weeks. 

RH: Baby #1 - about 9 weeks... baby #2 - didn't have to wait 3 weeks to find out why I was puking... just knew when it started at 6 weeks. 

DD: ‎4 weeks LMP, 6 weeks LMP, ultrasound confirming dates on second at 8 weeks LMP.  Oh and I actually knew my conception date with the first, my hubby's birthday! 

RS: Baby#1, 4 weeks, baby #2, 5 weeks with U/S, Baby #3, 4 weeks, Baby #4, 4 weeks, Baby #5, 4 weeks, Baby #6----6 weeks! surprise!! Only girl. 

BJ: 6 dpo. 

KP: About 3 weeks. 

KW: 4 weeks lmp. 

JB: ‎18 dpo. I had tried for 9 months, so I kept outing off testing not believing it had finally happened. 

DSR: I can remember with my first 2 but with my last two, 7 DPO (3 weeks) and 9 DPO (3 weeks 2days). 

CS: ‎4 weeks, 19 weeks, and 3 weeks. 

ALDK: ‎4 weeks with my first, 8 days with my second (was charting, saw the temp. hit the third level, started having to pee in the middle of the night--I knew but I hadn't tested yet). 

ST-L: ‎9 weeks, 9 weeks, 8 weeks, 9 weeks, 5 weeks. 

KM: ‎5 weeks 6 days with my first. 4 weeks and 3 days with this baby. 

BHM: With all three I 'knew' within a couple days of conception. But all had positive pregnancy tests at 4 weeks. 

NS: 14 days. 

JR: 9 days. IVF.

MCR: With my first I didn't get a positive pregnancy test until 1 week after my missed period, at which point I was 4 weeks pregnant. But I knew I was pregnant and I was damn sure it was a boy. (I was right). Same thing happened with my second ...boy, and with my third (a baby girl) I got a positive on the day of my missed period. (4 weeks LMP) 

KBH: ‎#1 I had my first us at 5w3d, so tested positive about 3w5d I think. #2 I tested positive about 5w, but new just before 4w. I think with both losses I tested positive about 5w. I always get dizzy and start puking constantly just after implantation. 

EG: Two months, although I felt like I was pregnant for weeks. 

EE: I'm the clueless one but I blame my long irregular cycles. (7 weeks is my average) #1 was 11 weeks positive test dated via ultrasound a week later at 12 weeks. Only clue was needing to pee often. #2 I had a positive pregnancy test at about 9 weeks ultrasound for dating about a week or so later that put me at 10 weeks. 

NKW: Way before missed period! 

AC-M: The first two times I was about 8 weeks along before I noticed anything was awry. This time I knew at 5 weeks, but was still semi-shocked since I didn't expect to get pregnant that quickly after having my IUD removed. 

MF: ‎#1 was 4w3d; #2 was 5w2d. 

NL-T: 12 days. 

SP: With some of them, as soon as the egg had time to implant, the nausea hit me. The way things smelled so much more. With the last one, no nausea whatsoever, positive pregnancy test at two weeks over due, and still doubted it because how could I be pregnant if I didn't feel nauseated? 

KP: ‎"Officially" found out, or "just knew"? 

With my first, I realized, ahem, just a leetle too late that I had mis-figured my days, so spent two weeks vacillating between wondering if I was pregnant, knowing I must be, and thinking all the "early pregnancy" symptoms I was feeling were all in my head. I also felt implantation in a weird, almost spiritual way, a few days or a week after I miscounted. Then I decided that I wasn't pregnant because I felt so strongly like I was about to start my period any minute... but I didn't... and didn't... The first two (3?) pregnancy tests were negative, even though my period was late; and finally I got a faint positive... followed the next day by a negative... followed two days later by a strong positive. 

With my second, we planned it, but I wasn't sure I was pregnant. I was still nursing my first-born, and could feel my uterus contract while he was nursing, but couldn't figure out if I was just noticing it because I knew we had had unprotected sex while fertile so I was thinking I was pregnant, or if I actually was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test a day or two after I should have started (remembering the previous difficulty in getting a positive) and got a strong positive. 

SBO’B: First was 10dpo, then m/c at 6 weeks lmp. Then o'd again 19 days later (thought so when had EWCM) and found out we'd conceived again around 19dpo.. a tainted happiness, now the golden boy of our hearts! 

ACA: With my first I was just under 3 weeks pregnant when I had suspicions (but the preg test was negative). 1 week later it came up positive. With my 2nd, I was just about 4 weeks and with my 3rd, I knew I was pregnant before all of them. I had miscalculated my ovulation cycle and had a "very strong feeling" that we would be having our 3rd before it would ever show up on a preg test. 3 1/2 weeks later, the preg test was positive. 

With my twins, I realized I was pregnant at about 4 weeks, but then at 8 weeks had massive bleeding and cramping and figured I had miscarried. It wasn't until two weeks later (and a still growing belly) that I had an ultrasound done and found out that while I had miscarried, I still had 2. 

What a shock!! 

JU-M: First pregnancy (m/c), right at 4 weeks. Second pregnancy, 11 dpo, and with this one, 10 or 11 dpo. 

NgM: Can I tell you how different it is now than it was when I was having kidlets (23-29 years ago)? I mean, seriously, 4 weeks?!? WOW! That's crazy! 

With Tristan, I think I was about ...9 wks... had to go to a Pregnancy Center for the test, first thing in the morning pee, and then they called me later that afternoon with the results. Can you even imagine not doing it in your own bathroom? 

With Meghann, I knew pretty early... maybe 7 weeks? I "knew" before the test... which I also had to do in a clinic (dh was in the Army by then). 

Then, with Aimee... laughing... mind you, I'm a doula by this time, have been to, what... 30 births? Read a zillion and a half birth books. Was a LLL leader. Taught childbirth classes. I was also breastfeeding a toddler, had had no period yet. 

And while I had a sense I was pregnant before the Official Diagnosis (cough), I wasn't 100% sure until she started moving... AT 6 MONTHS ALONG! Now, I was/am a pretty big chica, but still. When I was suspecting, I had TWO ultrasounds, had a vaginal exam by a CNM and OB and still wasn't convinced by their not seeing anything, so went to a German hebamme (midwife) who also said I was nuts in the head, there was nothing there. I'd taken no less than 4 pregnancy tests that also said negative. 

But, when I was lying there in bed nursing Meghann and my stomach did it's I'm-going-to-show-you-all-my-appendages sort of trick, I told my dh, "THERE F-ING IS A BABY IN THERE!" And voila... the pregnancy test was positive and the baby could finally be seen on the u/s (oh, how archaic they were! no vaginal probes at that time). 

I tell people that my pregnancy with Aimee was the shortest full-term pregnancy ever! 

JG: Baby #1: about 16 weeks along. I was a teenager in serious denial. False neg EPT about 8 weeks before. 

Baby #2: about 8 weeks along. Just got home from my honeymoon. 

Baby #3: about 5 weeks along. I thought I was in early menopause at age ... 28. Hot flashes galore!

EHS: Absolutely 5 weeks each and every time.

VM: About 5-6 weeks with the ones that went to term. Miscarriages and ectopics were always later 8 weeks or more.