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What Did You Crave?

On Facebook, I have a Navelgazing Midwife page, my midwifery-oriented page... different than my personal page (which I keep for family and non-birthy friends). Each day, I ask a new question pertaining to birth and/or parenting. The answers have been fabulous, so I thought it'd be a good idea to share the questions (and answers) here, too. And since it is NaBloPoMo and all, I'll be sure to get at least one post in a day.

Today's blog question: What did you crave when you were pregnant?


BJ: Sauerkraut and sausages.

CS: Milk and canned ravioli (and beer but I didn't drink it, although in retrospect that would have been better than the ravioli) oh, and Icees! With the second it was MEAT.MEAT.MEAT.

TC: Red onion diced up and mixed with ketchup.

CS: I craved beer with my other pregnancies. I also crave salads, steak, with one I loved green apples w/ caramel dip, my last pregnancy it was watermelon. It varies.

GD: Peaches. And I wanted wine, too. But, of course I didn't.

KLT: Sweets!

DBH: DD: lemons w/salt, Taco Bell and egg mcmuffins (hyperemesis, 7# gain, 36 weeker); DS: burgers from Red Robin, egg salad, strawberry bkfast shakes (30# gain, unplanned 37w1d uc); DD: avocados mashed with salt, PB&J's, pizza (10# gain ...but had flu and viruses most of the pg, mw assisted hb 39w6d).

AL: Lemonade.

CG: DD1: Lemonade from Hot Dog on a Stick; DD2: Don't remember anything. DD3: Gyros.

JM: Burritos! I wanted one every day and milk, now I only drink almond milk but I drank about 1 to 2 gallons a week sometimes when I was pregnant. (Lalalalalala... I'm not hearing that!)

TO: Grapefruits! We lived in Orlando and I would take them off the neighbors trees! Second kid-spicy food...and I was never a spicy food person!

SH: With my first: red meat and blood. With my second, flowers and leafy greens.

KP:  Full-fat chocolate milk! Made me sick afterwards, but I could guzzle a quart of it at a time.

EC: Pumpkin anything!

SM: I ate a full pound of red grapes every day when pregnant with my daughter. Literally, every stinkin' day. (WOW!)

TR: Taquitos and guacamole with my first, egg rolls and stir fry veggies with my second, pad Thai and peanut sauce with my third.

AHT:  I get pica with all of my pregnancies! I really like eating soft crushed ice, and I wish I could lick wet concrete. I haven't ever licked it, but it sure smells like it tastes good! I have had my Hgb tested everytime and everything comes back normal....just my weird pregnancy thing I guess. (This could be a topic all on its own... if you had pica, what did you crave? I'll have to do that one.)

JS: Cucumbers, limes, tapatio sauce with lots of salt!

SD: Pizza!

Me: With Tristan, I craved Slurpees and Snickers. And Bomb Pops. Hmmm... wonder why I gained 80 pounds. With Meggie, I ate blocks of cheese. B-LOCKS. With Aimee, anything American... we were in Germany and I missed American food something fierce.

What did you crave when you were pregnant?