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Anonymous Rape Story Told to Me


I was raped too. Sad how many are. 

I was 19. Had a keg party at my own home. Someone brought over guys from the Air Force Base. Friends of friends. 

I drank too much. 

I remember dancing with this guy, I never knew his name. 

I remember being in my room saying no, I don't want this. 

I woke up naked and ashamed. 

I went for a walk, praying everyone was gone by the time I came back. I think they were, it's all fuzzy. 

About a month later I see him at a club. I went up to him and yelled at him & slapped him. I left. I heard from friend of friends he was in an alcohol related accident that night and was seriously injured and discharged from the Air Force because of it. 


I haven't thought about that in a long long time. Still never knew his name. (Or maybe I just don't remember)