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Skype, Anyone?

Okay, so I'm slow on the technology stuff, but happily I have kids that teach me things.

Tristan told me about Skype and I went and got it and Tristan and I Skyped yesterday! It was delightful seeing my son while I talked to him. Loved it!

I just got a video thingie, but didn't have it set up so he couldn't see me, but I have it all set-up now, so we'll see how it goes when someone calls me next.

Does anyone else do this? I don't have any account or anything... just the free Skype. I haven't read enough about it to know why one would want to pay, but I will try and do that today. I just thought it might be fun to know if anyone else Skypes. Anyone? Use my email address (NavelgazingMidwife@gmail.com) and let's talk, eh? They have conference calls, too! Wouldn't that be a hoot to get several of us together? To talk about BIRTH! (What a concept!)

Remember in the olden days when they talked about video calling... and demonstrated it at science fairs and such? Well, here it is! FINALLY! They talked about it like it was just around the corner... and then, there was no such thing as a personal computer, either. Skype, to me, is like the Twilight Zone!

And I've joined up!