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Squidoo, Anyone?

So, I've been REALLY busy with work. A former client and dear friend has been helping me with a variety of ways (not many of which I will share here) to increase business at my office.

But, one I will share here is Squidoo.com. One reason is because I want to see you all come to my Lens (you'll understand in a second if you don't already) and another, because I want YOU to create Lenses, too.

The best way I can explain a Lens is it is a cross between an OpEd page, a Web Page and a Blog. It is a one topic, running page that shares ideas, thoughts, links, photos, book sources and more.

BUT, on Squidoo.com, there is the opportunity to make money for yourself and for charities! Because I am not doing that at the moment, I am not entirely sure how that part works, but you can read about that when you go there and read all their information.

I have one Lens so far... Natural Birth Fanatic ... and I would love your thoughts and input. No one has visited yet and you all would be the first. Some of the pieces have been regurgitated from here, but two of them were written specifically for that Lens. I will write more original pieces for that Lens, too.

How I see a Lens is a person sitting in front of me asking questions... a client... and I get to share all the information I have about a specific topic... all at once, in one fell swoop. It is different than a blog. Blog words come out sometimes here, sometimes there. Months apart. With the Lens, a person can go there and read everything I think about a certain topic all at once.

I even see it differently than a website. For me, a website is too inclusive. It has to tell everything I know; all topics. Sure, I could separate them like gentlebirth.org does, but even that isn't what a Lens is at all. That isn't all one person's information and knowledge or experience with links to others' information, knowledge and experience.

I am really excited about Squidoo.com and the birth of Natural Birth Fanatic. I hope you all enjoy it! I know it will help the (web) traffic run through my office, too, which is the whole reason you haven't seen a whole lot of me lately. I've been a busy, busy writing woman.

Let's hope I can write more here, too, eh?