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A Little Training...

...can go a LONG way!

Helping others help themselves: Area native works in Uganda says:

Maxensia, who left school at 13, learned from her mother how to deliver babies, and for many years she delivered about 20 babies a year, with about five newborns dying during or after childbirth. When MIHV (Minnesota International Health Volunteers) came to her village, it trained traditional birth attendants, including her, to provide antenatal care, check fetal position and monitor for potentially complicated deliveries that should be referred to the hospital. Maxensia now knows to begin CPR on an infant in fetal distress. Last year, Maxensia delivered 70 infants and lost just one.

(end quote)

I often have serious issues about going into other countries and foisting our ways on them, but this seems different than Christianity. How cool would it be to have a mission like this - AND to learn things from the traditional birth attendants in the other countries? I think it would be way cool.