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Cesarean Scar: Heather T.

Writing this story I'm 7 weeks PP. I gave birth by c-section to twin boys at 34 weeks. For about a month we knew we would have to deliver early, it was just a matter of when. I was pregnant with fraternal twins and twin A not only had a vericose umbilical cord, but the cord was also barely attached to the placenta. At 13 weeks there was already a 30% difference in growth. At 31 weeks the growth gap had increaded to 40. His cord would no longer sustain him. We waited 3 more weeks, having ultrasounds twice a week. My 2 perinatologists decided that he wouldn't make it any longer and we had surgery March 10th. The surgery was great. Everything was perfect. My only regret is not asking them before hand to lower the curtain. I didn't get to see my little men for over 12 hours. They were born at 3lbs and 4lbs 9 oz. Only 2 weeks of NICU time. Recover was rough for the first few days, but after a week PP, it got much easier.

It's hard to even see my scar. I have to fight folds and folds of "twin skin". But when I look at it, and my entire torso in general, I just think of what an amazing job my body did at housing not one but two amazing little survivors. I look at my scar and I do not have any negative thoughts. I'm happy for what my body did, and I never cared how they got here. I do some days mourn the loss of the shapeliness of my torso, but these feeling never last long. I look at my boys and I know it was all worth it. The flabby skin, the huge stretchmarks that seem to never end, and the scar are all beautiful reminders of what my body accomplished. I would do it a hundred times over again for them. 


Cesarean Scar: Kim - 11/11/05

My name is Kim, my surgical birth was on 11-11-05. I do not have a picture of my scar, I don't know what my scar looks like, and I don't touch it.

I was pregnant and in my 30th week of pregnancy with twins. At a "routine" appointment, I was told that the babies and I were in a great amount of danger and I could not go home, I was told I had HELLP. I spent almost a week in the hospital on a half dose of "mag" when the window began to close. I was informed that the time where I was healthy enough and the twins were big enough was getting smaller. I was transfered to a different hospital, my contractions "broke through," my water broke, and baby A began to deliver breech; rapidly. I was taken into surgery, given an ineffective epidural and surgery began. I could feel the cutting, began screaming and was then basicly paralyzed by medications and fear. I was in a twilight state and have a small memory of the babies being held above the sterile field, they were then taken away to the NICU. It was a week before I held my boys, I had complications from the epidural and complications from the complications. The surgical birth was the most horrific event in my life. I don't believe I gave birth to the twins, I feel they were taken from me. I had a very hard time bonding with them in the begining, the NICU made it harder. I know I was pregnant, but really they could have been hatched.

I don't touch my scar, it hurts often, aches or burns, I stay way from the scar.

My boys stayed in the hospital for 4 and 5 weeks, I was able to get them off of the formula and were 100% breast fed until solid food was introduced. They continued to breast feed past their 1st birthday. They are not behind too far in size and are up to speed everywhere else, minus slight speech issues. The older 3 kids love the boys and everything has come full circle, better than I would have dreamed.

But my scar is something I do not and can not visit.