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Cesarean Scar: TM

I have delivered once vaginally and twice by C-Section.

My son was over 9 pounds and although head down was stuck in the birth canal. I had a choice to make during this time when his heart rate was slowing and I was panicking, forceps or c-section? Being terrified of surgery because I had never had it, I opted for forceps. They pulled my baby out and traumatized my vagina for a really long time. I don't mean to sound depressed because I'm not. Our son was healthy and suffered only a slight bruise on his head that faded in a day or two. My body would not heal though-it was like 3 months of hell for my vagina.

I decided for my second and third deliveries that c-section was the only option for my body and the health of my babies.

As I look at the scar, I don't love it but I don't loathe it or hate my life because of it. It's kind of discolored and there's an irregular tuck and bubble right above it that I try to maintain with diet and exercise. I keep it in perspective though. It was the passage-way to life for my two lovely daughters. Thank God for that. I wonder if it weren't for modern medicine if I would have died in my first delivery or if my son wouldn't have made it, then where would my girls be?

I love that it's there because it means my girls are here.