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VBAC Study Worth Seeing

Effect of Hospital Volume on Maternal Outcomes in Women with Prior Cesarean Delivery Undergoing Trial of Labor states in part:

The authors did not find evidence of an association between hospital VBAC volume and the likelihood of adverse outcomes in VBAC after adjustment for patient mix. Other risk factors consistent with prior research were identified, including induction of labor, 2+ prior cesarean deliveries, preeclampsia, diabetes mellitus, and high birth weight. Prior vaginal delivery was protective against adverse VBAC outcomes. The risk of an adverse VBAC outcome in low-volume hospitals was comparable to that in high-volume hospitals.

(end quote)

I wonder why they did a study about hospital volume in the first place? Was there a belief that hospitals that had a large number of patients also had worse outcomes of VBACs? I'm actually quite shocked that anyone even did a study on VBAC success!

I think the risk factors are really important for women wanting a VBAC. You don't fall into those categories? That bodes very well for your upcoming birth.

I also believe that women who are meticulous with their diets (including my earlier recommendations for organic beef and dairy, no dairy products the last 6 weeks of pregnancy and no juices) can go far to curb or eliminate the GDM and large babies. A great diet can also help avoid PIH/pre-eclampsia, as well. There are never guarantees, but every bit helps.