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What was the weather like the day you had your babies?

I've been at (hospital) births where a woman hasn't seen outside for thirty hours or more. I like to open the curtains every once in awhile, not to show her the clock has been ticking without her focused attention, but to offer a change of scenery, even for a few moments.

If I could, I'd unhook her and walk her outside... barefoot... find her a patch of dirt and encourage her to dig her feet into it.

In my ideal outside hospital garden, flowers would be abloom no matter the time of year -deep winter or scorching summer. Scents wafting heavenward, swirling around the laboring woman's body; a fragrant aura to feed her flagging spirit... nudging her onward still so she might be ready to hold (and devour!) her freshly born babe's own -perfect- perfume. 

What was the weather like the day your babies were born?

LK: The first one, many summer days and nights. It's a blur. 50+ consecutive hours, most of it spent indoors. 

The second, a dingy gray day, drizzling, raining. It didn't affect my mood negatively though. There was a pressure in the air, a scent of change. Laughed a lot that day. 

KS: I think it was a regular sunny day, but right after I went to the postpartum floor, we had a tornado warning, and everyone had to be out in the hallway for hours! 

PK: First induction: sunny; second induction: raining; first homebirth: snowing, midwife stuck in Gatlinburg, assisted by back up midwife and my midwife over the phone; second homebirth: sunny; third homebirth: don't remember, it was the wee hours of the morning, I think it turned out sunny, I remember he was sunny side up until the last couple of pushes when he turned - thank you baby! 

ACA: First was a clear, beautiful bright September day. Second was a cold, but sunny December day and the third was a bright (hot) June day (although all of my kids were born in the wee hours of the morning). We'll see what the day is like when the twins are born! 

MG: Blizzard for the first one! Drove to the hospital in heavy snow...2nd one at home, in the summer, nice day! 

GP: Beautiful June day. Not a cloud in the sky and not too hot. Took a walk outside with my doula, which pushed me into active labor. 

ACM: Cold, with a mix of slush and snow everywhere. Kind of like today actually. 

MCR: My first it was (a) cold but clear November day. My second it was cold and there was a lot of snow on the ground, cloudy sky. My third wasn't as cold, still clear day for January. I mostly remember the day I brought her home. I wasn't wearing a jacket. Shocking for it being January in CT. 

KBH: My first was cold, partly cloudy, and snowing. Second ended up being clear and nearly setting a record for the heat. 

EVU: My first I was in the hospital for so long prior to her birth that I actually have no idea. 

The second was a beautiful June morning; super sunny and not too hot. 

My third was a hot and sticky July day (although she was born at night). 

AK: For my first, it was cold and clear when I went into labour, and 28 hours later, when my son was born in a windowless OR, and I was then transferred to a windowless post-op room and then up to a post-partum room with a window onto a hallway and I didn't see the sky for four days - I really don't know what the weather was. 

My second - I watched the sun come into blue skies up from the window of the triage room I was in - had my baby a few hours later in a window-less room, and when I asked what time it was when he was born - I was shocked to find out it was still the same morning - I had not looked at the clock and completely out of touch with time. We drove home joyfully squinting into the red and gold sunset the same day. 

SB: For my son's birth, I don't totally remember because I had been in the hospital the previous 2 days with PIH. It was fall, though, and when I discharged, it was gorgeous October fall weather in Nebraska. 

For my daughter's birth, it was magically cool for July in Missouri! I walked off and on for several hours around our block and it felt glorious outside--not the hot and muggy like it could've been. It was sprinkling on me at one point, but I didn't care, I loved it! And then when I took another walk around 10:00 pm, it was a perfectly clear sky, a light breeze and hardly any humidity. I remember thinking to myself how I needed to remember what the weather was like the day I started labor! (I love that! Somewhere, you knew someone would ask this question. smile

CB: First was a clear and crisp January day, second started the day with thunder and lightening in July, third blisteringly hot in June. 

JRBB: First baby it was a beautiful May Monday morning. 

Second baby it was a rainy, cool January Sunday. But that was way better than the 2 feet of snow we had the following week! Thank God he came early! 

HT: It was sunny with some clouds. I only remember that because I asked the midwives to close the window shades in my bedroom so it would be darker. 

NH: First it was sunny, warm and clear. Early august in southern Spain, the weather there is a lot like southern California. 

Second was mid-November in southern California, a gorgeous fall day, not too cool, but clear and sunny and lovely. 

BJ: Fires raging all around!!! 

ND: ‎#1 - Slushing and 40-50 degrees
#2 – Rainstorm.
#3/#4 – Rainstorm.
#5 - Gusty, windy 60 degrees with hints of sunshine. 

(You get quite the stormy weather when those babies are born, eh?) 

KP: Weather? Was there weather? Hmm... Can't remember! I'm guessing that since we were in Chicago in November, it was cold but I know it wasn't snowy; and then the Mississippi birth in May it was hot and sunny. 

NgM: Tristan: Hot as Hades (late October, in Orlando). 

Meghann: An amazingly beautiful day that heralded the end of the northwest rains in Tacoma... late May. We had sun for 3 months and I was in heaven! 

Aimee: April 20, Frankfurt... flippin' FREEZING...! (40 degrees)... felt like heaven to me as I struggled to get into the car while pushing. Delivered in the car and they had to whisk her fast into the hospital (we were in the parking lot) because it was so darned cold. 

JUM: I can't remember, but it was early November in the northeast, so I imagine kind of chilly and a little gray. 

STT: Classic snowstorm... for the 2nd; hot and muggy for the first.

KM: We were having a hot day. It was 8 am when I went in to the hossy for a NST and it was already at 98 degrees. Gotta love West Texas weather.

EC: I labored for 26 hours at home (going back and forth between the birth center and home) and then ended up at the hospital laboring for another 52 hours and didn't see daylight for another couple days. I had no idea what time it was or whether or not it was sunny or not. It wasn't ideal. 

Dawn: 7 births...
1.  Bright warm day...September
2.  Warm again, but not as warm as we lived in the Seattle area...clear and dark
3.  About 60-70 and evening, nice enough for no jacket and dark.  Dry.
4.  Cold and clear in KS...January...dark.
5.  Warm and clear...early morning before the sun came up
6.  Warm, clear, no rain...and twilight...still light but it became dark quickly after her birth
7.  Sunny and winter but unseasonably warm Feb.  I recall driving in early in the morning to a setting moon, it was reddish and tecnhically almost full...but that Sunday night was a full moon.  The room was sunlit while babe was born.