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I am a former Licensed & Certified Professional Midwife who speaks (sometimes pretty loudly) for increased education and skills training for CPMs in the United States. While birth has settled a bit into my past, I remain interested in helping home birth be as safe as possible through education and legislation for rigid standards. I have a very active Navelgazing Midwife Facebook Page.

I grew up in Orlando, Florida, but lived with my former partner (my Beloved) for nearly 30 years, many in San Diego, California, before we separated in 2014. I moved back home and am content to be living near friends and family, familiar streets and lakes... and my obsession, Disney World.

I am the mama of three grown kidlets and two awesome grandbabies with one on the way at the end of 2016. My kids remain the light of my life, each one an amazing and compassionate human being.

I am lesbian, but identify as femme Dyke... she/her pronouns.

I have a new blog - Navelgazing Writer - where I write non-midwifery ponderings, including telling the crazy stories of my Life After Birth.

I spend most of my days reading the Outlander series and writing about the plethora of topics that float through my mind... and heart.


Twitter: @NavelgazeWriter