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While I am a Licensed and Certified Professional Midwife, I am presently doing Monitrice & Doula work for women birthing in the hospital. 

I've been attending births since January 1983 and have assisted (in one way or another) about 900 moms as their babies entered the world. Writing is a passion of mine and I hope to eventually get some books written (if those in my life have any say about it). I've done some photography and enjoy that; you'll see my work throughout the blog.

I'm a mama of three grown bio kids and one (also grown) step-kidlet, sharing my life with Zack Hubbard... with whom I have a long and lively history. In this blog, you can read the LLLove Story of our meeting in 1986 at a La Leche League meeting. You can read the twist in the story here 25 Years Ago... in the blog we share. Zack and I live in San Diego, California, USA.